De Silva Terre D'Umbria 1-Handle Casserole Made Of Terra Cotta Ramekins - Earthenware

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Product description

The terracotta De Silva is ideal for slow cooking (oven, microwave, flame): terracotta harmonizes the exchange of flavors, enhances the flavors and gives the food a special taste. Distributing the heat uniformly and gradually over the entire surface, the earthware does not alter the nutritive principles, prevents the transformation of fat into fatty acids and glycerin, substances harmful to the body, and keeps the food warm longer. The presence of cracks in the coating, due to the porosity of the material, are not defects, but characteristic and necessary condition for the resistance to fire and thermal shocks. Before first use, boil the cookware with water and vinegar, this little trick will alleviate the seepage characteristic of the liquid, due to the porosity of the material. To delete the previous flavors of cooking is essential to wash the dishes with hot water and ordinary detergent, preferably in the dishwasher, leave the pot to dry completely before storing it, this will prevent the release of odors.

These Terre D’Umbria terra cotta ramekins are perfect for single servings of Italian brunch bake, made with eggs, cooked rice, sundried tomatoes and parmigiana cheese
  • Ideal for slow cooking
  • Earthware does not alter the nutritive principles
  • It prevents the transformation of fat into fatty acid
  • Made in Italy
Country/Region of Manufacture : Italy
Brand : DE SILVA
Material : Clay
Object Type : CASSEROLE