Mask 4 protect Face Mask in Hot Summer Weather Apple

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  • Soft Shell -Cool max sport wear textile
  • 1200 count threads cotton filter inserting pocket
  • Nose bridge wire (replaceable) for comfort fit

***All Mask can't be returned.  Please Hand Wash.. Gently***

As the weather warms up, face masks could become particularly sweaty and uncomfortable.Even though it’s so hot outside still the pandemic is going on. Wearing mask can be so suffocating in hot weather. So I thought my best way to make this matter little easier for everyone. I made two type. One is with soft shell by using *sports wear textiles* (fast drying cool air flows) and the other one is *4 layers hard tulle*. They all have pros and cons. Soft shell one is literally soft on your skin. And tulle one is cooler than soft one and so lightweight. For more of protection reason I put replaceable *nose bridge wire*(you can take it out when you wash it) and *filter insert pocket(I heard you can also use coffee filter as filter) I made sure the cool mask can cover mouth to nose.