PITaPATs onesie animal jumpsuit costume - long sleeve black cat

$99.99 $69.99

Our kids wants to wear costumes everyday, but most costumes are cheap and low quality so we can't keep them for long time. and we can't wash them , it will be ruined by wash machine.  PITaPATs present cute animal series onesie jumpsuit costume for our kids and adults as well, very high quality, reduced the use of felt as much as possible. Animal face are well represented with embroidery processing for a sense of dimension.

  • The costume is made of high quality polyester.
  • It is not soft fleece. 
  • claw shoes not included
  • It can be machine washed as many as you want.


    See detail size chart

    We expressed the facial features such as eyes , nose and mouth by embroidery. and since the attached areas around mouth and head are manufactured with the same fabric used for the whole garments, so original shapes are held very well even after washing.

    Because of the finishing process with rubber band around the wrist and ankle, the garments are easy to mend and rarely roll down easily.

    The string attached around the hood , size is adjustable.  Because the garments are made of polyester, they are durable, wrinkle-free. easy to maintain, pleasing to touch and thermal.

    Every pajamas has pockets, which makes it convenient to do outdoor actvities.  The ears and horns are also well designed with enough cotton wool within.

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